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Benefit Brow Wax & Tint

After two years of growing my 90s brows out (yes, two years, i’m reiterating this because when you see the pictures they are still pretty much non-existent) I’ve recently started getting them done properly which means not plucking them myself in one of those  dodgy magnifying bathroom mirrors.

Because they’re well… like I said… non-existent I didn’t want to risk someone taking too much off them so I paid the money to get them done at benefit brow bar in Debenhams in the bullring (Birmingham) and I refuse to go anywhere else. It’s like finding a good hairdresser once you’ve found one you won’t let anyone else touch your hair.

So I have a wax and tint – the tint is a biggy for me you’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes!


BEFORE (NOT filled in)


AFTER (NOT filled in)


BEFORE (filled in)


AFTER (filled in)

The photos don’t do them justice really and they’re not great quality. This time I had someone else do them instead of my usual woman because she was off sick, but I’m still pretty pleased with them if I’m honest. It’s worth noting that I like mine fairly natural, but If you do go to the same brow bar in Birmingham I recommend asking for Beth. Also it’s worth getting a Debenhams beauty card – it’s like a loyalty card.

I get mine done every 4-5 weeks, the tint usually lasts around 2 weeks and costs me around £20.

Where do you recommend getting your brows done?

Rachel x


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  1. The brow growing struggle is SO real! I wax my own hahah:) I take a supplement called viviscal that is supposed to make your hair grow, I was more concerned about the hair on my head but oh my gosh this stuff makes my eyebrows grow like crazy!

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