25/ 10/ 16

Meet our bunnies!

We have two bunnies both are Mini Lop Rabbits (don’t let the name fool you they don’t stay small!) They’re both indoor rabbits and they’re both ridiculously cute, no seriously.



I mean how god damn adorable is he?! As you can probably see he has a poorly eye at the minute..but he is fine bless him 🙁 I mean look at his paw just resting  in the bottom right picture :'( so cute. He is a super friendly rabbit, all he wants is love and cuddles and he just licks us like a little puppy with his tiny little tongue and I just can’t cope haha. He is around 4 1/2 years old.


Ahh Gandi. I have to say he is more my baby than Dave’s, he is a very nervous rabbit around pretty much everyone except me. He is OK with Dave but still a tad nervous, he will only really let me fuss him and cuddle him. It sounds silly but we do have a special bond and he is like my little baby :'(. (You can’t really tell on the photos but he has blue eyes! before I had him I always thought white rabbits had red eyes!) He isn’t nervous in a way that he will bite anyone comes near him, he will just run away or shy away. In fact both of our bunnies are very VERY tame and have never bitten anyone, which is really good considering neither of them have been neutered. Gandalf is 4 years old.

Indoor Rabbits are soooo much more friendly than outdoor rabbits I find and can live up to 12 years old! If you are thinking about getting one I highly recommend keeping them indoor, and If you’re worried about the smell, don’t be! Both of ours were very easily toilet trained so It’s super easy to empty their toilet out everyday.

Hope you enjoyed this dose of cuteness into your day!

Rachel x


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