28/ 10/ 16

Face by Pixiwoo


I love Sam & Nic Chapman, not only for their makeup skills but for their personalities (not that I know them but from their videos haha) they seem so down to earth and are just so direct and honest in their videos as well as coming across as highly relatable, so obviously I had to get their book.

Let’s talk about the cover, it just screams sophisticated, I’m very much a fan of minimalism. In one of their videos they said they designed it so it still looked nice without the ‘Dust Jacket’ which I think they succeeded In and I’m glad they did because the dust jackets just piss me off when I’m trying to read books lol!



The inside Is filled with not only photographs of makeup looks they’ve done (In a video they said they did all the makeup in the photographs) but also photographs of themselves.


There’s an app that comes with the book (It’s free!) and If you come across one of theses pages with a phone symbol in the corner, get the app out and scan the page with your phone and it actually comes up with a little exclusive video or pictures! I didn’t have any trouble using the app and the video/photographs popped up almost instantly.

The pages are so well written and explain everything so easily they also have images to help you actually see examples of what they mean. This is really helpful if for example you’re unsure of which eye shape you have, you can just flick through to the above page and compare the shapes to your own.


The book is filled with little quotes my personal favourite is “You must never under-estimate the power of the eyebrow -Jack Black” I just thought It was so funny that they had these lovely quotes from people/brands like Shu Umera then they had a Jack Black one! There’s also pages dotted throughout the book dedicated to ‘Pixi tips’ which Is good If you’re just having a quick flick through.


Not only that, but they had a little Q&A section which I think is such a good Idea, and look at the photographs – gorge!


Now my favourite bit which you would have already seen on my Instagram if you’ve come from there (follow me here)  has to be the before and after pictures, another reason why they seem so honest and down to earth, not many people would have the balls to do this! But to be fair If I looked like that with no makeup I wouldn’t mind splashing it about! I’m obsessed with Sam’s makeup in this!

A few quick key points:

  • Fun Quotes
  • VERY Informative
  • App works great
  • Full of must know tips
  • PERFECT for beginners in makeup/aspiring makeup artists
  • Brilliant coffee table book

Overall, I 100% recommend this book It’s full of useful information and I couldn’t put it down, I read it one sitting.

(I apologise about the crap lighting in some of these images, I have to take them in the mornings, but it’s so dark in the morning It’s hard to get good lighting, it’s something I’m working on so bear with!)

Have you got the book? What did you like about it? If not, which books do you recommend?

Rachel x


2 responses to “Face by Pixiwoo”

  1. Niamh says:

    Loved this post! Want to buy this book so bad 🙈

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