04/ 11/ 16

Autumn Berry Lip

What’s Autumn without a berry lipstick?!


Rimmel have a range of lipsticks called ‘The Only 1’ they also have a range of ‘The Only 1 Matte’ but I’m not talking about the matte’s today.

Having pale skin is a blessing and a hindrance when It comes to bold lipstick, on one hand it makes the colour stand out and on the other you run the risk of it looking a bit harsh.

Now, I’m by no means an expert when it comes to choosing lipstick all I know is that lipsticks with a more neutral or blue undertone suit me the best. I very rarely wear bold lipstick to be honest just because It’s a faff re-applying it.

I purchased the shade ‘Under My Spell’ which isn’t necessarily what I’d usually go for as it’s a purple shade, which for me was a bit daunting at first. But once I applied It I absolutely loved it, I much prefer It to my red lipsticks!



The formula itself isn’t great to be honest, It doesn’t last very long, It doesn’t fade well and it has tendency to bleed out of the lip line. Which of course can be counteracted with a lip liner, which I’ve done in the below picture. I only had a red lip liner so I used that and it made the purple a more wearable raspberry shade. I wouldn’t recommend this lipstick for long days out, as you will need access to a mirror to constantly to touch it up. I’d maybe try the matte versions for that, I haven’t tried those ones myself so I can’t comment on those.

However, the formula is very moisturising, leaves a satin finish and feels extremely comfortable on the lips, it also comes in 20 shades!

Overall, I recommend this lipstick with a lip liner and access to a mirror!


What are you favourite autumn lipsticks?

Rachel x


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  1. Love this review! I’ll check out the brand!

    Would love for you to check out my latest post! xx

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