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Book Review: Bloom

Spoiler Alert: I loved it!

So let’s dive straight in as this is going to be one mammoth blog post!

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I’d seen a lot of people talk about this book online and how beautiful it was before even reading it and when I finally got my hands on it I wasn’t disappointed.

The cover is stunning, the colours compliment each other so well and the different textures and embossed text makes it feel expensive. (It’s not..It’s £8.50 actually and it’s worth every god damn penny) I have lot’s of books from various You Tubers and although I do love them this book really stands out in comparison, it looks so much more sophisticated but at the same time it’s not dull.

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First page in and I’m already inspired, I already love the way she writes you can feel the honesty in each word and her outlook on life is refreshing. The layout for this book is gorgeous..seriously If I was ever to write a book I’d want it to look like this. The way the pictures, text and pastel colours are arranged makes it look very clean (is that even the right word? clean?).  One of my favourite things about this book and you’re probably going to think I’m insane for this but.. the page numbers. Yes, they are not located at the bottom of the page no, they are at the side! I know right? Ground breaking.

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I found myself nodding along in agreement throughout this book, she is just so relatable and down to earth!

As someone who is aware of anxiety but doesn’t truly understand it, reading about Estée’s experiences really opened my eyes and helped me to understand just how serious and life changing it can be. She talks about depression and her own experience with reaching rock bottom and I just think that is so brave and admirable.

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She talks a little about her dog in fact there’s a section called ‘An ode to our dog Reggie’ Oh boy, I cried real tears at this (I get very emotional over animals OK?!) The way she talks about him kills me. So beautiful.

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There’s a little page called ‘Dancing otter on sparkling water’ and oh my god this was so interesting! She talks about an experience going to a prison (to visit not because she had committed a crime) and without any spoilers I had never heard a story like it, so bloody interesting!

I think reading this as a 22-year-old helped in many ways but I wish this was out when I was a teenager. She talks about all her awkward stories and encounters growing up and honestly every story put a smile on my face because I had been through something similar as well as most girls when they were teenagers. Have I mentioned how relatable she is?

She also had a little section which had letters she had written for other people and letters that people had written for her and it was so heart warming to read.

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If you have a blog or are thinking of starting one BUY THIS BOOK, It will give you so much advice, encouragement, and inspiration.

Of course she writes about make-up but she speaks about it differently to a lot of other people. She see’s it in a way that isn’t superficial she concentrates on how it makes you feel rather than how it makes you look.

As well as tackling issues such as Anxiety and depression she tackles Body Issues and not fitting in. When I read about her body issue’s it was so difficult to read she is such a strong woman . I was aware of Estée but I never really watched any of her videos but after reading this book I feel like I’m her biggest fan!

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I love a bit of me time and If a book encourages time for yourself to pamper yourself then I’m all for it! And that’s exactly what she does, she talks about the importance of being alone.

There’s a lot of helpful tips throughout the book such as: How to build a Capsule wardrobe, what items you should invest in and what you shouldn’t, she talks about home furnishings and the fact that’s it’s more important to find your home’s identity and not create something too ‘staged’.

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When you first flick through the book there isn’t much text to a page but don’t let this fool you, She doesn’t skim over any subjects she really get’s into detail but without it being long and boring.

She talks about travel and all the places she has visited and it really opened my eyes to not just getting on a plane and going but making a holiday of actually getting to your destination…Road trip anybody?

At the end of this book it’s all bout food and I’m not going to lie I thought it was just going to be a load of bland recipes (there is recipes but not bland!) and I will admit I did a little eye roll. But I was so wrong. She talks about some distressing but very important issues something that I think everyone could really use, I’m obsessed with counting calories and reading this really put things in perspective.

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Lastly..there’s a page dedicated to tea goddamnit!!!! Yaaas.

Overall this book makes you think. It’s not all ‘doom and gloom’ (which I hate saying anyway because It isn’t, It’s real life guys!) It’s actually a very uplifting book! Other books like this I have found are more about beauty and fashion and although I do love both of these they are very much personal preference so I find It can get a bit boring and leave me wanting more. This book didn’t. It was so much more than that, I can 100% see myself coming back to it again and again.

This book has helped me, inspired me, and motivated me.

Thank you If you got this far as I know this was a mammoth post! If you have the book I’d love to know what you thought of it and if not, what books do you recommend?


Here are some of my favourite Quotes from it to finish:

“One of the most Important things about me is that I need alone time to be my best self”

“He’s like a turtle going through life, enjoying the good times and shrugging off the bad”

“I came to the realisation that feeling good about yourself isn’t for the people around you, It’s for yourself.”

“If everyone travelled there would be much less hate in this world because It’s difficult to hate something you understand”

“It’s all about balance – peace, love, and pizza”

Rachel x

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