19/ 01/ 17

Ways to pass time – without a screen!

It’s easy to sit there like a potato all day and watch Netflix, in fact, I think I might be some kind of an expert in it. But It’s good to try different, dare I say productive things with your time instead. I curated a little list of ideas to get you on your way..

Adult Colouring
Get yourself an adult colouring book (which no, doesn’t have ‘adult’ pictures in like I first thought). I have a Harry Potter one and I love it! It’s a way to relax, wind down and be creative all at the same time.

An obvious one but a goodie – why not try a new genre?

Have A Clear Out
I know, sounds daunting right? But there’s nothing like the satisfaction of using your time productively.

Get Outside!
I know that bed and Netflix are calling you but go for a nice walk, you won’t regret it. (Unless of course you get caught in a big storm and get rained on a ridiculous amount in which case..you didn’t get the idea from me)

Pamper Session
THIS.IS.SO.IMPORTANT try and squeeze one in at least once a week!

Meet up with a pal for a hot chocolate (or an extremely milky latte as shown above) and a catch up!

Get Down The Gym
Yes, I’ll admit, even I hate going to the gym but have you heard the saying “nothing bad can come from going to the gym” hard to argue with that huh? (although I’m sure like me, you tried) Again, use that saying loosely obviously if you break a leg there then yes, that’s something bad to come from the gym.

Play a game, no, not on your phone – no screens remember! Why not get the whole family involved? We like to play cards every now and then (I always win…obvs).

Hope this gave you some Ideas, I’d love to hear yours!
Rachel x

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  1. Bill says:

    bookmarked!!, I like your site!

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