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Favourite videos of the week #2

I’m an avid YouTube-Video-watcher..that’s a thing right? I must watch at least 20 videos a week so I thought why not do a round-up each Sunday of my favourite ones? So grab a cuppa and get watching!

My Labour & Delivery Story – Samantha Maria

This was really lovely to watch! It’s her story of how her labour went, the way she spoke about it and the way she handled it was so brave and strong. I know women do this all the time – It’s just so empowering! Give it a watch even if you just want a glimpse of beautiful Indie Rose!

November and December Books – sunbeamsjess

This was such an interesting video, she does these regularly and I always make sure to watch them. She analyses books so well and I always trust her opinion, so anything she recommends I instantly want to buy. She also includes viewers reviews as well as her own (she gives an email address to send your reviews to) It’s a nice little online book club and If you enjoy reading I definitely recommend watching these videos!

End Of The Night – with Bite Beauty – heyclaire

Considering this was a sort of get un-ready with me video it really had my attention throughout. The way it was filmed combined with the song was just so original compared to what I had already seen of these types of videos. I really enjoyed watching it and I love Claire she has that ‘effortlessly cool’ vibe about her that everyone wants!

Heart to Heart – Inthefrow

I’ve been following Victoria almost from the very beginning of her YouTube days and It was so nice to finally see more of a personal side to her. She touches on loooads of subjects including marriage (yaaaaaas), style and diet. She is always so inspiring to me and I genuinely do look up to her – her blog is my absolute fave. She also talked about trying to make more content for all of her viewers – so a little bit of everything. I’m looking forward to her content more this year than ever!

What videos have you been enjoying this week?

Rachel x

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