09/ 02/ 17

3 Types Of Shoes Everyone Should Own

As I said in a recent post called ‘3 Jackets Everyone Should Own‘ I’m making a little mini series on this subject? Category? Is that the right word?

Little disclaimer before we begin, these are just my opinions and are things that are staples in my wardrobe. Obviously no one needs just 3 pairs of shoes in their wardrobe I mean hello, I have at least 52 pairs but these are shoes that I just couldn’t live without. Narrowing it down to 3 was hard.

Ankle Boots

Shock! My obsession. Not everyone likes wearing heels so these are a great alternative. Ankle boots come in so many different shapes and sizes: round toes, pointed toe, leather, suede, high heel, mid heel, no heel! They go with everything: skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, playsuits – I mean the lists are just never-ending. There’s so many styles to choose from it’s just a case of finding the pair to suit you. Similar here.


I don’t really know if these count as trainers but I’m not a fan of the usual – they just don’t go with anything I own! Except for Converse but as much as I love my converse these vans just top them simply because they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own (the other pair being my Uggs i.e a hug for your feet). I don’t think I need to explain why everyone needs trainers, it’s pretty self-explanatory – nice walk anyone? Find them here.

Nice Flats

For the occasions when heels are too much and trainers are to less (or for work). I love nice flats especially smart or statement ones – they can really liven up a dull outfit. My favourite way to wear them is to use them to smarten up a casual outfit for example denim dungarees! Unfortunately Out of Stock :(.

What are your ride or die shoes? And please do let me know what else you’d like to see in this mini series of 3 Things Everyone Should Own 🙂

Rachel x

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4 responses to “3 Types Of Shoes Everyone Should Own”


    Inspiring post! The ankle boots are an essential! X

    Love, http://herrendezvous.com/

  2. adele miner says:

    Ah I completely agree with you on this.. I love the ankle boots! Your blog is so lovely too, you are doing an amazing job on it.. keep up the hard work! x


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