23/ 02/ 17

23 Things I’ve Learned In 23 Years

I turned 23 yesterday! so here’s a list of things I feel as though I’ve learned over the last 23 years.

  1. Nobody is perfect
  2. Everyone is dealing with something
  3. Spend as much time as you can with the people you love – they won’t be around forever
  4. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t make you happy
  5. Stop comparing yourself
  6. People with barely any money are a hell of a lot more generous than people with a lot of money
  7. Braces are worth the years of your sister calling you Ugly Betty
  8. Finding your own style is more important than following any fashion or trends
  9. Don’t try to fit in
  10. Losing someone you love will absolutely ruin you and no amount of time will make it easier
  11. Rabbit’s make the best pets (alongside dogs)
  12. Eating pizza wont make you put a stone on overnight
  13. You’re a lot stronger than you think
  14. Don’t sweat the small stuff – life’s too short!
  15. You can meet the love of your life anywhere (In my case – in a grotty club in Stafford)
  16. Money isn’t everything
  17. No, Dying your hair black doesn’t automatically make you look like Amy Lee from Evanescence.
  18. You will learn the most valuable life lessons outside of education
  19. Relationships need a lot of time and attention, that goes for partners and friendships.
  20. Exercising is important
  21. You can’t change the past so don’t dwell on it too much
  22. Having patience is a seriously hard trait to master
  23. Finally, I’ve learned that you can’t love anyone else without loving yourself first.

Rachel x

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