02/ 03/ 17

February Faves

All the things I’ve been loving in February! 🙂

Pink Biker Jacket

I’m not going to say much about this dreamy jacket as I pretty much covered everything in my last OOTD post, read it here.

The Vampire Diaries

I caught up on season 7 of this on Netflix, I bloody love this programme, no other programme makes me cry as much as this. Even when it’s happy I cry! It’s probably my favourite programme EVER, bold statement I know but I’m a sucker for love stories I’m not going to lie. This season is more about friendships I’d say and it’s just bloody beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. If you haven’t already started this, do it now, right now.

The Body Coach TV

I’ve been going to the gym at least 3 times a week for well over a year now, and I still bloody hate it. I literally still have to force myself to go, even after I started seeing results it still didn’t motivate me. I think the main reason was because I was losing my evenings, I’d go to work at 7:45am then get back home after the gym at 7:30pm I’d then need to shower etc. I thought the best thing for me to do is to workout at home in the mornings before work so It’s done, I don’t have to dread it all day and I have my evenings free, win win! I was a bit skeptical as I know working out at home can be difficult but I found TheBodyCoachTV YouTube channel and most of the workouts are 20 minutes long, I mean what’s 20 minutes out of your day? So far It’s been working out really well for me. I even do it on the weekends if I have some free time, I’ve gone from working out 3 times a week to 5 times a week!

Harvest Moon Granola Bars

OMNOMNOM. These are so nice! I HATED them at first they nearly broke my god damn teeth they’re that crunchy! but dip them in a cuppa before you eat them and they are sooooooooo tasty – you’re welcome.

NYX HD Finishing Powder

My old faithful Rimmel Stay Matte powder broke in my bag (as per) and I had this in my draw so had to use it as a back up and I was pleasantly surprised! It’s so finely milled it sits so much nicer on the skin, sets my under eye concealer with less creases and looks a lot less cakey than the Rimmel one.

Missguided Jeans

I can’t recommend these enough! I already had one pair which featured in this post, but I was in the market for some new skinny jeans and after trying ASOS I was less than impressed so I decided to try Missguided and I was so pleased with them! The blue ones are a much nicer colour than they show on the website. The only minor issue I have with them is they don’t fit perfectly, this is simply because I used to be super, super skinny like no bum whatsoever haha. But since going to the gym for over a year I actually have legs and a bum but my waist has stayed slimmer than those. So I had to get a size 10 to fit my legs and bum but I’m still an 8 around my waist – but that’s nothing a belt can’t fix. I just wish they sized them in Waist and Leg rather than just 8, 10, 12 etc. I featured the black ones in my last post here.


I’ve been in the market for a Western Belt for aaages now since the trend came about but couldn’t find one I loved, until I found this one on ASOS. It’s perfect for your jeans and I also added a few extra holes so I can wear it around my waist with dresses etc. It’s my perfect idea of a western belt and was only £10!!

Mac Soft & Gentle

I’ve had this for yearssss (yes, probably not very hygienic but oh well) as I suffer from oily skin I only used highlighter for nights out or special occasions. However I feel like I have my oilyness under control now and I can get away with wearing it in the day. It just brightens up my whole face, obviously due to my oily skin I use a lot of mattifying products so this really puts that glow back into my skin.

What have you been loving this month?

Rachel x

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2 responses to “February Faves”

  1. Leah says:

    Love the pink coat! amazing!! Have you ever tried any of the Misguided boyfriend jeans? I am on the hunt! 🙂
    xx Leah


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