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Packing Tips – Weekend Away

I recently had a weekend away to Dublin so I thought I’d compile a little list of my packing tips.

First of all I didn’t check in a bag I just took hand luggage as we were only going for 3 nights so I had to keep it minimal, well as minimal as I get haha!

Plan, plan, plan!

Plan everything. First of all plan your outfits for every day and every night then write down your packing list separated into categories: Toiletries, Make-up, Clothes etc, Misc. At the top of your packing list write your passport and check in information – in capital letters haha! I like to write my packing list a month before I go so every time I remember something I’ve missed off I can add it, whereas if you write it the night before the more likely you are to forget things.

Count your liquids

If you’re taking hand luggage like I did you’ll know that your liquids are limited, the amount differs from airline to airline so make sure you double-check on your airline website for measurements. You’ll be surprised by how much liquid you need to take especially if you have a lot of make-up products like myself. If you’re not sure about whether something is a liquid or not, just count it as a liquid to be on the safe side and to avoid the airline staff taking it off you. Also a good Idea is to go into wherever you get your foundation from and ask for a sample size so instead of taking your whole bottle of foundation you can take the sample with you. Estee Lauder do free 12 day samples.

Check-In Online

If you can, check in online. It’s such a time saver and if you’re stuck in traffic on the way it’s one less thing you have to worry about. There really are no cons when it comes to this.


Whether you’re going away with friends or your other half, share the packing! For example if you’re going away with friends, one person can pack hair curlers, another can pack straighteners, and another can pack a hairdryer, so you can share all three items but less packing for everyone. I did have a lot of liquids so I had to put some of them in my boyfriends bag haha! If you’re taking a suitcase to check in I recommend putting half of your clothes in your partners or friends bag and put half of theirs in yours, that way if one of your bags gets lost you will always have something to wear!


Pack versatile items, so basically you are packing a kind of mini capsule wardrobe. So items can be mixed and matched for example, t-shirts, they go with everything! Pack items that you know work, there’s no point in packing things that you’re not comfortable in because once you come to wear it you’ll be wishing you bought that good old faithful item instead.

Roll not fold

I’m sure you’re already aware of this one, but rolling your clothes instead of folding them means you get less creases and it takes up a lot less room in your already full bag!

Pack strategically

If you’re taking a backpack like I did, pack your heavy items in the middle. If you pack them at the bottom it will kill your back to carry it, pack them as close to the middle as you can. Also, put small items such as jewellery or socks inside your shoes, not only does it save space but also keeps your shoes from losing their shape.

Pack for the weather

Pack for the weather. For example I went to Dublin in March which meant It was bloody cold – and rainy! so I had to make sure I packed items to suit this weather. If you’re going somewhere hot It still might rain so I’d just pack one outfit or two suitable for the rain just in case.

Leave room

Make sure not to fill your suitcase or bag to the brim because your most likely going to see stuff on your trip you want to buy whether it be for yourself or gifts for your family and friends. So make sure to leave a bit of room for this.

What are your packing tips?

Rachel x

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