21/ 02/ 17

Tips For Healthy Hair

(FYI this picture is not edited in any way other than the blurred background, the picture is true to colour and it’s all my real hair)

I’m quite proud of my hair’s condition so I thought I’d share my tips on how I got and maintain healthy hair. These are just what has worked for me, I understand this depends on hair types.

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25/ 01/ 17

5 Make-Up Essentials

I’ve narrowed down my absolute make-up essentials, now you might see some missing but this is more like particular products that I can’t live without. For example mascara is obviously an essential for me but there’s a few different ones/brands, or lipsticks there’s a few of those I use on the regular so it would be silly to include all of them. These are items that nothing comes close to in my eyes within that category. So let’s get stuck in!

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08/ 11/ 16

Full Skincare Routine

My full skin care routine and the products I swear by..

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04/ 11/ 16

Autumn Berry Lip

What’s Autumn without a berry lipstick?!

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28/ 10/ 16

Face by Pixiwoo


I love Sam & Nic Chapman, not only for their makeup skills but for their personalities (not that I know them but from their videos haha) they seem so down to earth and are just so direct and honest in their videos as well as coming across as highly relatable, so obviously I had to get their book.

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21/ 10/ 16

Everyday Makeup


First of all I’m not going to pretend I’m one of these girls you see on Instagram that are insanely good at make up, so don’t expect anything special haha. I like the more natural look and over the years I’ve  worked out how to apply makeup to suit my face and eye shape rather than copying off other people’s and looking nothing like they do then feeling shit because of it.

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18/ 10/ 16

Benefit Brow Wax & Tint

After two years of growing my 90s brows out (yes, two years, i’m reiterating this because when you see the pictures they are still pretty much non-existent) I’ve recently started getting them done properly which means not plucking them myself in one of those  dodgy magnifying bathroom mirrors.

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14/ 10/ 16

The lazy girl’s nail polish

I don’t know about you but i hate painting my nail’s i see it as such a chore.

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